1. A great article. I have been in several “corn shucking”, “peanut pullings” and other venues of harvest. in my 59 years. Never a corn shucking like that one though. When I was growing up my dad was always the innovator. He had bought an old school bus that we cut the body off of rendering a long flat bed truck. We would load fire wood on it and park it in our front yard and sell firewood for $5.00 a pickup load! After a couple of years dad built side boards on it about six feet high. It made a bed of 25′ X 7′ X 6′ we had a corn crop that year of dried corn and it more than filled up the “bus”. Those dimensions calculate to 843.74 bushels of corn! Thank goodness we had a mechanical picker but the transfer from wagons to the “bus” was all by hand! Mostly mine! Daddy sold the load of corn, bus and all! Well I said that he was the innovator. He took the body of the bus and put it in the pasture for a cow shed when it rained! Talk about funny! That bus body with ten cows looking out the windows while the rain was pouring.

  2. I remember corn shucking sand corn cribs

  3. Look like a few of them came for the party only they are dressed in their suites and hats

  4. Jennifer Patterson, Sandy Little Hocutt, Edna Bamberg

    1. Frances Blake still is not not on such a grand scale.It’s always a party when we quilt each week. You should come join us

  5. My GGG Grandma said they use to use corn shucks to stuff their mattresses during the depression. Has anybody else ever heard of that?

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