1. I grew up near there, and have known about these houses for over 25 years but never saw one. Please show us some photos of the homes today.

  2. Very interesting!!! I’ve never heard of this before!

  3. We were just down that road this week. Some are in better shape than traditional homes of the same era.

  4. My husband has been talking about this building method for years, and wants build our studio of rammed earth. I admit to being skeptical, but this has opened my eyes!

  5. I have been interested in this type of construction and sought articles over 30 years. Wonderful to see this. Would love to build but too old now to do the work . Much construction in Australia. Many, many benefits are derived from this type of residential construction.

    1. Many are in Mount Olive, Alabama.

  6. I’ll bet ther energy efficient too.

  7. My grandparents (Bill and Rachel Shaw) bought the very first one on Rosemary Rd Mount Olive, Al It has weathered the test of time and still looks good today.

  8. I grew up visiting an elderly lady who was, at the time, the last remaining original owner on Rosemary. I was always fascinated by the house. Thanks for this article. Now I’d love to hear about the houses on Sutherland Road, just a couple of streets East of Rosemary, and the adjoining community center which were part of the New Deal projects as well.

  9. These are just down the street from where I lived as a kid.

  10. I don’t know where they are but would love to see them. My Granny’s old house used to be where the exit from 65 North onto Mnt.okive road is.

    1. Yes we are the second owners of one that was owned by MRS.Flood who taught school st the Mt Olive and Sutherland Rd School and have the original survey map. It is a 2 bedroom 1bath with fireplace and original hardwood floors,with a small 2 room bldg in back that has a well in one side and the other side was for coal. We have tried to keep it original as all the windows have the weights that help the windows up when raised.All the homestead houses on Sutherland had Barnes in back and some have been turned into apts and garages but Mrs Flood let someone tear hers down.

  11. On the far end of Rosemary Road, which is off Mt. Olive Road.

  12. great idea, happy to see they are still around

  13. oh wow if you are unfamiliar with the area it might be hard to tell which houses are as my Mom and Dad called them Earth Houses and they are quiet beautiful many have been remodeled.

    1. Do you know the address for this homestead?

  14. Rammed earth houses is an ancient technique for building walls using natural raw materials such as earth, chalk, lime or gravel. People still build such houses.Great article on rammed houses.

  15. Arn’t the Adobe homes of the South West the same idea

    1. Allen, same idea but they have differences. Adobe have more moisture content. It also requires more time because adobe bricks must be left to cure in the sun until hardened. Rammed earth walls harden in the form, so that when the form is removed, the wall is already standing in place.

    2. I thought the houses were in MT.Olive

  16. AND, these homes can still be seen today!

  17. There are still two of them in Gardendale.

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