1. Phillip LaSusa

    They rode bicycles in my day.

  2. Kimberly Loyack

    So many wonderful memories!! I actually found a 4 leaf clover once, but my favorite memorie are spending the whole day picking wild blackberries, climbing trees and going for rides with my Mama, and her scooting over in the driver’s seat so I could steer.

  3. Melinda Nichols

    This couldn’t have been written by an Alabamian. It said” fireflies”. They are called “lightening bugs” here.

    1. Alabama Pioneers

      You are right, I was afraid people wouldn’t know what I meant by ligtening bugs.

    2. Jack R. Hamilton

      And we actually called them “lightnin’ bugs”.

  4. Kim Bolt

    I used to run so fast trying to catch the ice cream truck that I swear I was next to flying..:-}

  5. Aleda Midgarden

    Yes, we did not have ice cream in the refrigerator, It was a special treat. I hear the icecrean man’s bell in my head.

  6. How about cutting a watermelon ?? Then see who could spit a seed the farerest!

    1. Uh, FARTHEREST. 🙂

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