PATRON + Reminiscences of Old St. Stephens, Alabama Part IV – Masonic Lodge and Indian baths

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  1. The Lodge you show is the Old St. Stephens Masonic Lodge is actually the Courthouse/Masonic Lodge located in the town of New St. Stephens. There is no photo of the Masonic Lodge that was in Old St. Stephens. It is believed that members of the Lodge in Old St. Stephens requested permission to form a new charter in New St. Stephens after the town of Old St. Stephens fell into ruin.

  2. […] St. Stephens Lodge No. — at St. Stephens, Alabama, organized under North Carolina jurisdiction April 12, 1821, with Silas Dinsmore, Worshipful Master, Israel Pickens, Senior Warden, and Samuel St. John, Junior Warden. Delegates were sent to organize the Grand Lodge June 1, 1821. […]