1. I love these stories. We come from STRONG stock!

  2. Check out James McCrory. He was an early Alabama pioneer during this same time period, after he had served as George Washington’s personal bodyguard during the Revolutionary War.

  3. We don’t know what “Hard” is.. Diana’s Great Grandmother walked from Central Georgia in the 1850’s with 5 small kids, no husband, to the banks of Talladega Creek, down at Rob-Roy.. She and her kids dug a place in the bank and lived there about 3 years..We should have people with the toughness our ancestors had..

  4. Robert Brown , Your grandmother (Meadows) Jenkins folks were Alabama pioneers. They came in to Alabama on the Federal Road and stayed at Mount Meigs in 1818 for a year before moving on to Lowndes County to buy land and build. The old man of that bunch was a Rev war vet.

  5. Yes but your life expectancy would be about 40

    1. but that also includes the infant mortality rate. I have ancestors who lived into their 80’s and 90’s too during that same time

  6. […] had been raising large herds of cattle. Of the settlers now names near St. Stephens the Wheat and Mounger families are considered by some now living to have been the first Whig families that settled among […]

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