1. […] Franklin as the first white settlement in the Creek territory. The former river port served Abbeville on the Chattahoochee River. Much of the original Henry County was part of the original Alabama […]

  2. The blacks are waiting for the whites to do it so they can complain about

  3. So amazing of the racism that still carries out In this day and time. It’s history to blacks and we care. I can say so much but won’t but I will say this we are all created from the same creator God. Just different skin color, and in the end we will all see the same when we leave this world. That is when Jesus comes back every eye shall see and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. There is only two places that awaits for every man soul and that’s heaven or hell. Hatred for a person skin color will surely take you to one of these places. If you don’t believe just wait a little whIle longer. Oh be careful little mouths of what you say!

  4. The Rosa Parks house may be too far gone to restore, but someone involved with historic preservation needs to hurry and try to save this great old place.

  5. This was a good read about Abbeville Al. Henry Co.. I was born there but my parents move away while I was a baby. Thank goodness I see from reading the comments and based on what I always heard… racism and bigotry still runs deep.

  6. 26 miles from my hometown


      1. Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee Alabama in 1913. She went to school in a country schoolhouse and then in Montgomery . She never graduated because of family health issues.

  8. This house should be preserved.

  9. Rosa Parks was trained at the counist school on Monteagle Moutain to do what she did. I a sick of seeing her depicted as an innocent poor working Black woman. She was trained by the counists to disrupt and that is wha she did. Read a damn book or two and tell the truth.

    1. And what books have you read, Mr. Illiterate? “The Bigot’s Guide to History”? “Gone With White Privilege”? It is the great shame of Alabama that there was a legalized system of discrimination that had to be disrupted.

    2. Sometimes it takes disruption to make things right. She was absolutely right in what she did. Get over it.

  10. Rosa Parks was a great American hero.

    1. Claudette Colvin should be the one honored.

    2. Yes, she should most definitely

    1. You cared enough to comment.

    2. B Monique Jeter SaY WaT???

    3. Yes Martha it’s very disrespectful to me, but most don’t see their own guilty behavior. The whole point is that it only means something to the people who cares? You may not care that i like the Rebel Flag as being a history buff, just as i don’t care about rosa parks sitting her butt on the back of a bus and shut up? But if that means something to you then i’m all for your personal rights on that said subject matter. So don’t condemn me to what matters to me as I won’t the same to what matters to you. Whats personal to one is not to another, and should not be tried to be erased or removed from reality. With that being said rosa was no hero but a trouble maker to many people. The Rebel Flag & Civil War Monuments may not be the flag that many people respect, but it should no more be repressed than repressing Rosa Parks or MLK monuments. Therefore it’s DISCRIMINATION to try erase and get rid of my personal views on subjects that i care about, and you get to keep your personal views on your such said cares that mean something to you. The only thing(s) that should ever be removed if it goes against the Biblical teachings of God Almighty.
      Andy said it best, Andrew Young the former Black christian Mayor of Atlanta who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. “people need to leave the Rebel Flag alone because it means different things to different people.” Andrew one of the few black people who understands personal rights, and who has been there and done that many times not just for blacks but for all color??? H.K. Egerton former Black NAACP President of North Carolina promotes the Rebel Flag and Civil War Monuments all across the South. H.K. will tell you in a moment that slavery was wrong, but don’t fool with his Civil War Heritage. Yes there were many black Confederate soldiers and yes slavery was only one issue. The War was fought over Secession of Rights. No white soldier ever went to war to lay his life down for a mere slave but for Southern rights.
      Rosa stood not for black rights but for her personal rights as an individual, which later people used for all black rights on a bus. So, who cares? I care for you when you care for me. My care / our care MATTERS…

  11. I always liked the explanation of Rosa Parks in the movie “Barbershop”.

  12. I have sat on that bus where Rosa sat, and what a privilege it was. greatt ladyGr

  13. This is an awsome read! I live just down the road from Abbeville But some of these comments!! It makes me sick to see all the crooked politics and clear racism that people seem to think should be ignored.

  14. […] A short (approximately 30 minute) drive on Highway 10 in southeast, Alabama from Clio in Barbour County to Abbeville in neighboring Henry County, takes, you through three historic sites; the birthplace of Gov. George Wallace, a famous spring that has moved twice and a childhood home of Rosa Parks. […]

  15. She rode that bus forever waiting for an incident to occur. Interesting her old home is still standing.

  16. I just passed through there yesterday! wow

  17. She is a hero! She fought for others as long as possible. S h e was brave, fierce, and woman,who gave her all.

  18. Would be a beautiful home restored.

  19. It should be a national monument!!!!

    1. Josh McWhorter restored and on the National Historic Register.

  20. I’d love to restore it. I bet it was beautiful when she lived there.

  21. Rosa Parks was a fraud
    Learn about Claudette Colvin

    1. Bill Oakley, did you write something about Rosa Parks?
      I can’t find it!

    2. Dot Moore I tagged you so that you’d see the story about Rosa Parks. I know you were one of a select few in a Montgomery who were instrumental
      In helping many people and families back in the day. The article is at the top of this post. Can you not click on it to open?

    1. Susan Mashburn Connelly that’s probably about 15- 20 miles away. May have to go check it out.

    2. Not much to see. It’s Tyvek’d and the land owners don’t care a thing about it.

  22. Wish someone would make it look better!

  23. I care!!!!!!!!!

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