1. Even with my Dad’s dementia he remembers buying our house at the auction. He so much enjoyed the news coverage of the village. We have great memories of our years there (across the street from a little red haired Liz)thanks for all your effort to preserve our history. I remember visiting a little friend who lived in the apartment building and we could roller skate in the down stairs communal room. Also remember Ms Porters class at the school. Seems she was principal and our teacher?? What a great life!! We could run around the neighborhood even after dark with no concern for anyone

  2. […] the 1880s, a railroad work crew leader and engineer by the name of Phillip Campbell who resided in Sheffield, Alabama. “Campbell. Campbell was born in Liverpool, England in 1848. In 1880, he was employed as […]

  3. The Power Plant for the Nitrate Plant was at Gorgas Alabama. Surprised this wasn’t mentioned.

  4. I remember Wilson Dam from when we lived in Florence in 1950 and 1951. First I’ve read the story of the dam.

  5. Grew up there and have wonderful memories❤️

  6. My husband grew up in that village.

  7. Beautiful place to visit or live

  8. I grew up in the Village, went to school there from third grade to sixth grade. It was a great place to grow up. All the kids would get together and would play hide and seek, put many miles on my bicycle and playing at the school on the swings. I will always remember the Christmas tree one of the neighborhood folks had.

  9. I didn’t live in Sheffield until the fifties but I remembered that the town still broken up into villages. My family worked for TVA and I even had an uncle who died during the construction of one of the dams. My father went to work for TVA after the Korean War and now my husband is working at Y12 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. So I guess I understand now why the Sheffield schools taught us so much about TVA pro and con. Funny how history becomes part of your life!

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