Do you know anyone in these unidentified pictures from around the 1890s in Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama?

Do you have information about these image? Click here to email Alabama Department of Archives and History: mailto:[email protected] and please include file name (located below image) or the hyperlink of the image.

Four_children_in_the_yard_of_a_house_in_Montevallo_AlabamaFour children in the yard of a house in Montevallo, Alabama ca. 1890 Q40174 One of the children is seated in a toy stroller

Group_of_women_and_children_standing_around_a_wooden_glider_in_a_yard_in_Montevallo_AlabamaGroup of women and children standing around a wooden glider in a yard in Montevallo, Alabama ca. 1890 Q40199 One of the children, an infant, is seated in a toy stroller. A boy is petting a dog.

Infant_in_an_upholstered_chair_probably_in_a_home_in_Montevallo_AlabamaInfant in an upholstered chair, probably in a home in Montevallo, Alabama ca. 1890 Q40211

Little_girl_in_a_yard_seated_beside_a_rolling_chair_and_a_pile_of_dirtLittle girl in a yard, seated beside a rolling chair and a pile of dirt ca. 1890 Q40215 She is holding a stick. A pail is on the ground beside her, and a doll is in the chair.

Man_holding_a_rifle_while_standing_in_the_yard_in_front_of_a_house_in_Montevallo_AlabamaMan holding a rifle while standing in the yard in front of a house in Montevallo, Alabama ca. 1890 Q40177 A dog is running up the porch steps.

Man_seated_in_a_rocking_chair_in_a_dirt_yard_in_Montevallo_AlabamaMan seated in a rocking chair in a dirt yard in Montevallo, Alabama. ca. 1890 Q40195 The plate is double exposed; a faint image of two girls is visible on top of the man

Man_standing_with_a_horse_in_the_front_yard_of_a_house_in_Montevallo_AlabamaMan standing with a horse in the front yard of a house in Montevallo, Alabama ca. 1890 Q40212 A Woman and girl are seated on the steps of the porch in the background.

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