1. Tammy Colburn Wilson

    Kathleen Owens Johnson & Judy Holdsambeck

  2. I love the work you have done. I am so interested in Alabama so many of my family members lived and died there. I miss the old days growing up in Shannon and Lipscomb. of course it has changed a lot and when I do go back there I can still see some of our old home steads. The picture of Bay View bridge brought back many memories it was a spooky place for a bunch of teens waiting for the woman to come out of the water not to mention the car not starting. lol Keep up the great work. Again Thank you.

    1. Thanks Gwenn!

  3. Samuel Fancher and Thornton Fancher married two Lemley sisters, daughters of Manes Lemley, in 1800s. All were members of Cahaba Valley Baptist Church. It would be interesting to know how Samuel and Thornton were related to Thomas in this story. Loved reading about Brierfield. My Lemley ancestors moved to this area in1820s and Warren ancestors right after civil war.

    1. Thornton was Samuel’s son. Samuel was Thomas M. Fancher’s great uncle.

  4. Where can I find “The Cahaba Journal”? Was this a magazine or newspaper?

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