1. If Wilson’s devastating raid thru Alabama, which included the burning of the UofA, could have been delayed a mere two weeks, it wouldn’t have been necessary, because Lee surrendered just a few days after the raid.

  2. Lee surrendered in the Eastern Theatre but Johnston was still fighting in the Carolinas for another month and a half. Johnston’s AoT was the largest surrender of the war. It was only then, that the remaining CSA forces started to capitulate one by one. It should be noted that the ironworks and mills in Selma eventually would produce more than even the Tredegar works in Richmond.

  3. Maj. Thomas Goode Jones, CSA, later governor of Alabama and then a federal judge appointed by President T Roosevelt was introduced by the president to General Wilson at the White House. Wilson put out his hand. Judge Jines refused to shake it saying ” you arrested my Cimmander in Chief and I will not shake your hand”. Judge Jones was my uncle’s grandfather

  4. Casualty of war..eliminate the infrasture..rails,rivers,crops, etc.etc…far from the winning of the..”Hearts and Minds”… To vanquish and Conquer…i.e the March and Vanquishing on Gen. Sherman..march to and Through Atlanta…leaving waste and destruction in his Union Army’s wake….employed as a military tactic for millineums…

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