1. Is the train on time today Steve Akers?

  2. And was once infamous as a major speed trap…ha!

  3. Also was infamous in the 70’s for Speed trap. State took over the police dept. in 74!

  4. […] Alabama at the turn of the century, the other two were SilverHill in Baldwin County, Alabama and Fruithurst in Cleburne County, […]

  5. […] to 1894, a hotel was owned in Borden Springs by the Fruithurst Company, a group of Swedish families who came from Minnesota for the purpose of raising grapes for making […]

  6. I friend’s grandmother lived there. I remember Grizzard’s store and I remember it being a notorious speed trap in the 70’s.

    1. i married a joyce grizzard from heflin al dont know if she was related to the grizzards who had the store or not

  7. My mom was born and raised there!

  8. Two sets of my husband’s gg grandparents were among the Swedish settlers who lived in Fruithurst. They were there for a couple of years in the 1890’s before moving to Birmingham.

  9. We visited there with our R.V. Club I bought a wine glass that I use all the time from a winery there.

  10. It was also the most prolific “speed trap” in the 48 states. In the 1970’s they had sixteen police cruisers and a very big jail but less than 100 residents. The town officials were arrested and or relieved and administered by the state under the authority of the Attorney General of Alabama, Bill Baxley……This time frame was when it was necessary to leave I-20 in Heflin and drive old 78 to Villa Rica, Georgia to re-enter I-20. The interstate was all but completed, but was not open for many years due to a “boundary dispute” between Alabama and Georgia……………

  11. I am a native of northwest Alabama and this is the first I have heard about this wine area. The speed trap bit rings a bell, though.

  12. Probation killed the wine industry in all the eastern US south of NY and their only industry was preying on tourists.

  13. […] Shortly after the Civil War, a group of northern investors created the town of Fruithurst in Cleburne County as part of a wine-growing project. Fruithurst became a boomtown shortly afterward. (More about Fruithurst) […]

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