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PATRON + Schools have changed in many ways since these days when life was so much simpler – Notice how the teachers are dressed [old photographs] Skyline Farms – Part 5

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  1. Mike Ragland thought you might like this…

  2. Mike, my dad and his family were part of the Skyline community. Before he passed away in 2013, I found some of these photos and sent him copies. It brought back memories of some very tough times.

  3. I lived in Skyline 1998-2001. Loved it!

  4. Simeon Reginald Daniels

  5. Steve Drake Show this page to the kids? Some interesting stuff on here.

  6. Those kids probably learned more than students of today, if the truth was really known.

  7. I went to two room school when I was in the third grade. Third, fourth, sixth on one room, first, second, fifth in another. Marion junction Alabama in 1942-43

  8. Girls all have short hair – the style was probably cropped hair.
    Girls have similar dresses – moms made their clothes and probably shared patterns.