1. I’d guess there were many mixed feelings same as Today. Have a discussion with those who feel the Tribes should pay taxes on the Indian Casinos, it’s not going to end friendly.

    1. The revenue from Indian reservation enterprise and casinos should be tax free. The nations are Separate Sovereign Nations under American law and the many treaties we made with them…. And remember we took the entire continent from this people!

      1. Treaties were made by and for the Government of the United State and should still be honored!

  2. I imagine they were glad.

    1. Not all of them were. Many white families had members who had married Cherokee people- they lost relatives to the government’s cruelty and greed.

      1. Correct!

    2. Most lost relatives to the Indian’s unimaginable torture and cruelty.

  3. so sad what happened to the people that helped the white race. march them off to die.

  4. If I was forced out of my home I’d leave a burnt husk.

  5. How about giving us the history and that’s it….

  6. It’s mine… All mine… After they killed everyone off are sent them to their deaths… It’s a shame! And some people today won’t to complain about how bad they are done?

  7. Ann Christian Elizabeth Britt

  8. The sadness of the people

  9. Extreme sadness and guilt.

  10. I’ve wondered about this many times.

  11. thats easy the majority did’ent feel anything for the indians..they only saw more land available for the taking

  12. This person is part of my STANDING Turkey Indians, cant make my family beleive me when i say The Broaddricks and the BREWERS MARRIED INTO THIS FAMILY, MELVINAChambliss married Jesse Franklin Broaddrick!

  13. The funny part about a massacre is that when the people who were slain and their descendants keep somehow showing back up in history.

    That is if your whole family got wiped out. The ancestors of those people should not have been the ones to tell the tale.

    Chief Darby Weaver
    The Tribal Leader

  14. Turkey Town aka the Bird Settlement of the Six Towns Choctaw and Chickasaw and it appears the Cherokee as well.

    The same people who called the Indian Nation everything but COLUMBIA, seemed to refer to the same people as each of the other 5 Civilized Tribes.

    If we look closely enough the stories fall apart.

    Chief Darby Weaver
    The Tribal Leader