AUTHOR SUNDAY: The Pig and the Soap…a humorous story from the past

(Here is another story told to me by my late grandmother Pauline Campbell Bearden(1923-2009) she loved to sit on her front porch and tell us these stories as the day faded into dark. Shannon Hollon)

The Pig and the Soap..

Living in a mining camp of Piper in Bibb County the conditions could be tough. Most of the time soap was homemade from lye but once in a while you got to splurge and get some store bought soap…This was the case with my GreatGrandmother Essie(Moore)Campbell(1900-1976)

Essie Moore Campbell 1900-1976

Essie Campbell - Shannon Hollon - The pig and the soap story

Soap was knocked off in the yard

She(Pappy Mama)had some she had left on the back porch for folks to wash up with and it accidentally got knocked off in the yard and found by their pig which roamed the yard freely.ivory soap shannon hollon pig and soap

When Pappy Mama saw this being the feisty woman she was. she grabbed an ax from a nearby wood pile and commenced to chasing the pig around the house and yard, as the pig picked up speed the porker began to blow bubbles like a old steam engine with Pappy Mama in hot pursuit.pig and the soap shannon hollon

VINEGAR OF THE FOUR THIEVES: Recipes & curious tips from the past

Vinegar of the Four Thieves was a recipe that was known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties for years. It was even used to cure the Bubonic Plague.

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  1. I remember – Also, Octogan

  2. JoAnn Worthington. Mary Smyth

  3. I was born in Phenix City, Al. 1947. I remember the mail man coming around with his big , heavy leather bag carrying out ivory liquor dish washing samples. They came in medel cans. That was my first encounter with washing dishes..we used octagan soap to get the red scissor coupons until then. That was around 1951?? I climbed up to the sink in a chair and set on the cabinet to wash..ha ha ha.good old days..

  4. Shannon Hollon. – I would be interested to know if you had an ancestor named Josh B. Campbell who lived in Piper. My Mother was a Campbell and she remembered going to visit relatives in that area. They traveled by horse and wagon. I have an old newspaper clipping with Josh in it at a reunion of people from that area. Thank you!

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