1. Pretties campus ever is Samford, but would like to see Spring Hill.

  2. Beautiful building interior. Conducive to creating a wonderful atmosphere.

  3. Oldest Catholic College in Alabama

    1. It’s the oldest college in Alabama, and the South, period. Also, it is the third oldest Jesuit college in the country and the fifth oldest Catholic college in the United States.

      1. Oops, that should be oldest Catholic college in the South.

  4. When I was in law school at U of A there were more people from Spring Hill undergrad than any other university.

  5. Spring Hill College is not the oldest college in AL that distinction belongs to Athens State University (Athens Female Academy) founded in 1822.

  6. Athens Female Academy now Athens State University is and has always been a 2 year program which only has the right to confer an associates degree on its students. Athens has never been and is not a 4 year baccalaureate institution as is Spring Hill College, which has been a fully accredited school that confers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Arts.

  7. Athens State University was founded in 1822 as an all women’s college! So this isn’t the oldest university in Alabama!

  8. I’m proud to say that Spring Hill College is ask or part of my childhood memories. My family’s home was located next to the ADG frat house on Old She’ll Road. My mama lived there her entire life home. Springhill held a special place in my mother’s heart. A bench in the Chapel is dedicated to her Janet Young Mosteller. I’m proud of Springhill.

  9. Much interesting information, or MIS – information, about Athens State. It certainly IS the oldest institution of higher education in Alabama. Yes, it was opened in 1822 as a female COLLEGE; so I would suppose the word COLLEGE denotes a place of higher education, even then. Even then it was begun and owned by the Methodist Church, prior to the Civil War. Founders Hall, the school’s oldest building, was saved from Federal troop’s burning because the President of the institution had a letter from Pres. Abe Lincoln instructing that the campus be NOT touched! . . . And, I am sorry Ms Redmond, Athens College was MOST CERTAINLY A FOUR YEAR COLLEGE. I graduated from Athens in 1968 with a degree in Philosophy and Religion, and a minor in English, before going to graduate school at Emory University. And you can’t go to graduate school if you don’ have a degree from an accredited institution. I was a student at Athens from 1964 until 1968 – when I graduated. I believe that’s four years! None-the-less, our historic institutions of higher learning are a boon to the citizens of our good State. Long live Spring Hill, Athens State, Samford Univ. and our state universities and junior colleges.

  10. Reminds me of the original St. Catherine’s Church in Mobile.

  11. I have not. Should have when I lived in that area.

  12. Madison RaeJurgensmeyer Christopher Jurgensmeyer

    1. Ray Lockhart gorgeous church!!! We should stop next time we go to Florida!

  13. My Grandpa Moore went to Spring Hill College after he retired from the Coast Guard. He always wanted to be a writer. He was on the newspaper staff at college. I have some of his stories and one article from the college paper titled ” Grandpa Goes to College”.

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