1. This is wonderful. I never heard of this school. Thanks for sharing.

  2. my grand dad and a brother of his went there after WWI . both taught Ag. another brother taught 6th or 8th grade.

  3. My Aunt Mary went there, don’t know the year but it was probably in the 20’s.

  4. My mother attended that school and told me many stories about both it and how she had to get to it from her home in Washington County. I’m not sure what years she would have attended, but do know she was born in 1901. Her name was Ruth Beech.

  5. […] code of 1907 and is the third county seat the county has had since 1809. Blakely was the first, and Daphne the second. Bay Minette was chosen by the legislature, February 5, 1901. In 2001, the Baldwin […]

  6. my grand dad attended this school

  7. Does the building still stand?

  8. My grandfather was an instructor there.

  9. This looks like the house that Evie Johnson lived in. It was on the left of Main street as you were coming into Daphne from Spanish Fort

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