PATRON + MONDAY MUSINGS: Spring reminds me of spring cleaning days! (vintage film)

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  1. My mama, Patty Davis, always “deep cleaned” in the spring time. Our home may not have been the grandest, but it was the cleanest around, thanks to her.

    1. i’m glad you thought it was clean.

    2. It was clean! A lot cleaner than my own house has ever been, haha!

    3. I was doing what women did. My mama, aunt and grandma. Clean was a good thing back then.

  2. I am in the midst of spring cleaning except I can’t get the mattresses out on saw horses in the sunshine to kill dust mites. I spray them down with Lysol. Wash all the quilts & blankets one more time before storing most of them. All our linens growing up went into a cedar chest. Windows were washed inside & out. And we kids would get a new pair of shoes if we were lucky. Spring was garden & planting time. Shrubs & hedges had to be clipped by hand.

  3. What do you have about Clintenville?

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