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Biography: James Adair was born 1709 in the Alabama Indian Nation

JAMES ADAIR BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1709-1783) Ireland – Alabama Indian Nation James Adair (circa 1709-1783) is believed to have been a native of County…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

The daughter-in-law of Peter the Great – Did she fake her death and escape to early Alabama? [photographs]

Read this story as well as many others in ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS: Settlement: Lost & Forgotten Stories Continued below The daughter-in-law of Peter the…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

UPDATED WITH PODCAST -An ancient lost Native American town Abihka [see pics & films] in Alabama has close ties to Henryetta, Oklahoma

Abihka was one of the four mother towns of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy. The Abihka were the remnants of the 16th century "Chiefdom of…