1. Hi, I enjoy your website immensely. I was born and raised in Alabama so I’m interested in the state’s history. At one point you solicited stories of olden days. I began to write some stories of memory from my farm life. I would like to submit a couple to you so you can tell me if this is what you have in mind. However, I have misplaced the rules and ‘how to’ included in your post. Can you put it on again and as I recall there are rules on what/how to write and submit
    the story and photographs. Thank you very much!

  2. This is another try at leaving a message asking for help because I cannot read the patron messages.
    Other try’s no help.
    I signed up as a patron but can’t get the messages to open up on my iPhone. Please help.

    1. Tom, I sent you a private email message last night. Did you receive it?

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