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Mother continues to Christmas shop while giving birth to her child

The Day I was Born


Virginia Faye Floyd Peiffer

My mom told me about the day I was born. I will never forget.

My dad was at work when the word came that mom. Had started labor. He rushed home in a wintry snow storm. Grabbing mom’s bag he rushed her into the old MODEL T FORD.

Ford Model t

Rushed to Emergency entrance

Arriving in the town of Watonga, Oklahoma he went straight to the hospital and carefully rushed up into the Emergency entrance. He felt it would be a while so he told the head nurse he was going to rush home and clean up. So he left the hospital and headed quickly home.

Dad cleaned up and and headed back to the hospital to mom to wait for my arrival.

He entered the hospital and went straight to her room, but she was not there. He went to the nurses station and asked where was his wife? They told him she was in her room. Now more then ever the shock look came to his, then he proceeded to tell them she was not there. As red lights would go off this was it.

She was no where

Every hospital employee went and searched every corner of the hospital. It would be at no avail, she was no where.

With fear dad rushed out the front doors to the street next to hospital. He looked up one end and then the other end. At a distance dad saw a pair of legs a hospital gown bottom and two extremely large bags loaded down with gifts.


Christmas shopping

He rushed up to the person to find out his wife went Christmas shopping before the stores closed. He took the bags as she wobbled to the steps, upon the second step mom went into full labor. She was placed on a bed and taken to the delivery room.  Five minutes later I entered the world screaming.(Maybe because I wanted to shop a little longer).

The lady doctor asked her what was the child’s name… did’nt know what to say….she had a boys name but not a girls. Mom looked at the doctors name tag and saw her name was “Virginia”.

She said ‘ her name is Virginia Faye”. With a big smile she wrote down my name.

Every year on December 23rd, I remember the day mom gave me life.

Mom passed in 1993 since the I have continued to search my family lineage which has taken me back to before and during the BIRTH OF CHRIST ….I love every year I go back.


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