PATRON + The Dowling family – one of the largest, early pioneer families in Southeast Alabama

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  1. My Aunt Gladys & Uncle Homer’s old house.

  2. Upon reading this, it was not detailed about Mary Dowling, daughter of Levi, except that she was widowed after her first husband died. It seems her murder would have called for more details. Her second husband was my gggrandfather, Daniel McLean.

    1. Interesting! I wonder why it was left out in the transcribed article.

    2. Seems this story would have been major news and a big story passed to all of the Dowling descendants.

    3. I have a book of my family genealogy dating back to the early 1500s. We have all been writers

    4. Jo Dowling Do you know of any details on Mary Dowling’s death? Wow, your records go to the early 1500s? I have some Dowling blood in me and would like to know more. Thank you for your response to my post. Sincerely

  3. Is this on N. Merrick ave. ?

    1. it is just off Painter Ave. in Ozark. It’s on Owens Ave, in the area behind the Commercial Bank.

  4. I’m from Arkansas and am of Scottish descent.

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