1. I don’t understand what they mean by “bear fight”. It seem figurative, but what does it mean. Is the “ring” here figurative, meaning a physical military battle, or is it actually talking about settling things through fighting in a literal boxing ring of sorts? With the term “Battle Royal” it sounds like it’s referring to wrestling. Yet, there is no definition of terms. The only thing a Google search provided was that a “bear fight” is an alcoholic beverage. Could someone help me with this? (I teach Alabama history, and this is our “neck of the woods” and I’d like to get this story straight.) -Thank you.

  2. My grandmother was born in Blount County. Her father ,Samuel Headley and many of his people came from Darlington South Carolina , Peter Headley. My grandmother was Etta Headley and she married Mack Durbin in Chilton County

  3. I had relatives move there from Piedmont. They are buried in one of the church cemeteries in the valley. The Bentley’s