1. Love the history of Alabama.

  2. Bet it was the ancestors of the dickhead that poisoned our oak trees

  3. Enjoy reading about the history of Alabama.

    1. Pioneers, I think it’s a term that applies to a lot of families that moved west in the early 1800’s.

      My direct ancestors moved from NC to MS in about 1824. There were more Cauthen’s moving to Alabama and the trend continued as relatives continued moving west.

      Interesting to see the other relatives’ family home. Thamks.

  4. Thanks again, Donna, for a wonderful story from history!

  5. This home has just had some painting/repairs to the exterior and there is a sign “For Lease” .

  6. The old Wimberley place is on the right on Highway 14 just before you get to Loachapoka. Before they planted all the pine trees you could see the old house, some outbuildings, and the family cemetery. Dr. Webb was a nephew of Mr. Wimberley and was killed in an accident on his uncle’s farm in the 1940’s. My father worked for Dr. Webb before he went off to fight in WWII.

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