1. My first cousin (4x removed) François “Frank” Ludgere Diard wrote many oral histories down for the Federal Writers Project!

  2. Great story. Thanks for posting.

  3. A very poignant little story…

  4. I really enjoyed this read,I love reading old stories…

  5. Johnny Copeland Ken Copeland Tyler Copeland

  6. Sondra Hulette, Vince Gwin

  7. A notorious bunch for Sure. They Sacked and Burned Mobile. Some of the gang set a fire in one section after robbing it. While the attention was on the fire, they then were looting another section . Then they torched this block and moved on thru the entire business section of downtown Mobile. The “Take” was loaded on a boat and taken to a Hunting Camp on Dog River where part of the loot was believed to be buried. They then returned to the “Wigwam” the name of the Copeland Gang hideout in WheelerVille. And eventually on to Pascagoula.

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