AUTHOR SUNDAY – What do you think is the most talked about subject?

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The rest of that title is:  “And the Least Done About”!  This was a winter to escape.  I found some notes I had made on this subject two or three years ago and they are still pertinent.  Here in Alabama, we have the often repeated saying:  “If you don’t like the weather, hang around and it will change.”

On a Saturday morning at the time I made the notes, we experienced clear skies, sun, rain, and then snow.

I have a little booklet, “Why I Live in Alabama”.  It expounds on these experiences.  One of the statements; “It only takes one snowflake to create a state wide holiday.”

morton salt

Well, this past winter, we got our fill of those snowflakes and plenty of state wide holidays.  Yes, there was a lot of talking about the weather for weeks afterward.  I thought with all the cold weather, we would have fewer ants and weeds.  It wasn’t successful; after a few days of sun, the ants and weeds returned immediately.  Now I am wondering if other pests will take up where they left off.

Every time I see a box of Morton Salt, I think of their ditty:  “When it rains it pours.”  The phrase actually originated with them in 1914.  We use these words as a statement of exasperation when the going gets tough; but we have had a lot of rain already this Spring.

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Of course, by mid-summer, we will be glad we had plenty of moisture earlier.  A few years ago, during a cruise, the Captain came on the intercom and warned that we were about to experience some weather.  My first thought was, “Don’t we always?”  We did have some weather for about 24 hours and it was more than just weather!  The turbulence turned a grand piano over in one of the theaters.  It caused a lot of sea sickness.  Fortunately I didn’t experience that; but I had to hold onto the walls as I walked from one area to another.

Another statement from my little book is that humidity eliminates the need for expensive home saunas.  With all the moisture we have had already this year, nature’s sauna should work really well this summer.  Do you ladies remember attempting to put on nylons when the humidity was at its balmiest?  I am so glad a good pedicure and open toed shoes are the answer to that problem!

open toe shoe 1950 Yes, we do have a variety of weather.  I suppose it is here to stay and we might as well enjoy it and laugh whenever possible.  We definitely can not do anything about it  Stay cool, y’all!

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