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PATRON + TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: They found a way to get even with their spouse

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  1. Heather. Lol this is funny.

  2. Donna…I paid for a Patron level and am having a difficult time accessing the articles. I have read your wonderful Alabama Footprints for years and am now a bit frustrated as I wanted to review the info on the GERMAN SETTLEMENTS and was unable to do so. I have e mailed Patron with no response….Help

    1. Thank you for notifying us of your difficulty accessing stories. I know it is a pain when you cannot see the stories you are interested in it, particularly when you are paying to see them.

      I’m sorry you are having trouble. Browsers, Social Media and computers are set up differently and it is hard to know exactly what problems you are experiencing, but if you are logged in to the Patreon program, you should be able to see all articles. Here are some steps that may help.

      First, – Always check to see if you are logged in (Sometimes computers log you out automatically if they are set up that way)
      Click on this link to see if you are logged in. If you see a Teddy Bear (or your personal picture) in the upper right corner then you are logged in. If not, you will see the words log-in so do so with your user name and password.
      After logging into Patreon – click on a Patron Post. It should take you to Alabama Pioneers website. All stories are on the Alabama Pioneers website and if the two programs are connected, you will be able to read them all under the MENU item on the website, PATRON POSTS.
      Some browsers may still not show you the story but say the words UNLOCK WITH PATREON. If you see this, click on the block UNLOCK WITH PATREON. You will be taken to a page like below that says and you have two ALLOW or DENY. This is how Alabama Pioneers checks your status.
      Click ALLOW and the story will be opened for you. Below is an example of the last page without the ALLOW or DENY box The two websites are now connected and you should not have to do this each time you open a story unless you or your computer log out of Patreon.
      If you use another device like a cell phone to browse, they will also have to be connected in the same way. Let me know what happens.
      Do not logout of Patreon and you will be able to open Patreon articles from the AP website, Facebook, and other social media.
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