1. When I grew up could not afford a tooth brush used a twig from a sweet gum tree made an excellent tooth brush

    1. Lloyd, where I’m from, the preferred twig was black gum.

  2. Yeah — and I don’t have to go back very far either.

  3. Black gum was what Grannie used.
    None of us had tooth brushes.
    Gum disease was common.

  4. When I was young it was black gum. I don’t know if sweetgum would have worked as good. It might.

  5. We used baking soda with our blackgum brushes..

  6. Also, photographs were serious business, and according to research I have done, to smile in photographs was once thought to be foolish.

  7. I got my first toothbrush when I was in third grade. A county nurse brought toothbrushes and a small tube of tooth paste (Colgate if my memory is good). She showed us how to brush our teeth and then we had a little red pill that showed the places we missed. My teeth were mostly red!

  8. I have two missing, prominent in the middle of my smile and am often asked to smile…

  9. Could be. But in the older pictures, before snapshots, you had to hold still because the shutter stayed open much longer.

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