1. From documented papers l have is that these Indian from the Ohio Valley deceanted on the Mississippi River in a up roar with Tribes on both sides. The leader was Josiah Francis now as the Prophets came into the Alabama preching that the White People was taking over their lands. Little did they know was the truth. Claiborne Lock an Dam present location on the Alabama that his father was Gov.over Louisiana purchased land that was Indian Tribes along the Alabama River so this with Andrew Jackson worked to start the removal of Indians…only the ones who belong to private families got to stay….

    1. Too bad the header photo of Moundville, not even a Muscogee tribe. Moundville inhabitants preceded Creek. & little is known except they came from the west & just disappeared!
      Sam Robertson

  2. I found the item you posted article a bit depressing and biased. “Their savage nature prompted them to such revenge. Their hatred was against the white man.” I ask, who was more savage, the whites or the Indians? Who had more hatred and were more racist, whites or Indians? There were other negative comments about Indians in this article as well. Why not post an article that is less biased and more honest.

  3. I always wondered why the white settlers petitioned Congress to be able to stay in Alabama when they were being forced to remove.

    So who was being removed?

    Alabama historians say the Indians?

    The people of Alabama who were Settlers were asking Congress to stay themselves in Alabama.

    Something is wrong…

    The Non-Intercourse Act of 1834 declared all Indian Land to bong to Indians both east and west of the Mississippi.

    Congress voided patents and sales of Indian lands in 1835 for fraud.

    Andrew Jackson wrote it was the blackest of frauds – taking land from the Choctaw.

  4. It was funny gold was discovered in ga. and Ala. 1832

  5. Tom Johnson your heritage Chambers County

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