1. No, I’ll look more later.

  1. We are very fortunate in Alabama that there are people who are willing to provide the blood, sweat, tears, and money to preserve our history and heritage through our regional architecture…support them when you can.

  2. This is not far from where I live. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  3. For historical completeness, the 1860 slave census for the Clinton Precinct, Greene County, Alabama, shows on page 3 that N. M. Carpenter owned 26 slaves, ages 57 to 6 months, living in 7 slave houses. The enumeration begins with on page 1 with a D. Carpenter, owner of 4 slaves. The Census Enumeration was done by Jas. D. Carpenter. Perhaps all three Carpenter’s are related?

  4. Is the Twin Oaks home any relation to the Twin Oaks Restaruant that was on Hwy 31 from Montgomery to Birmingham?
    If not, what is the story of Twin Oaks the restaurant? We stopped there often to eat dinner driving to one of the other grandmothers house.
    Diane Lipscomb

  5. Sam Champion Jeremy Birchfield Justin Birchfield Recognize this place?

  6. Why do people think they can rename historic homes?

  7. Julia Rudd Rebecca Rudd Mauldin Celia Rudd Trace Rudd Rachel Mauldin Gran and Gs former home.

    1. Rachel Mauldin maybe during Trace and Kelsey Elise Carpenter wedding weekend May 19

  8. Mother would be so proud ❣️

  9. I have been there. Now it’s a BnB.

  10. Go by regularly its beautiful.

  11. I remember driving by this house back in the early 70’s. It was empty then and I am glad that it has been taken care of.

  12. This was a familiar architectural style of its day. There is also a beautifully restored wedding/events venue @ http://www.theoaksatcentreville.com/ in Centreville, BibbCo.

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  14. Hate to have to clean it.

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