1. Donna — Was it Walker or Winston county that tried to secede from the Confederacy?

    1. It was Winston County, Alabama that tried to secede. Here is a link to the story: http://alabamapioneers.com/free-state-winston/#sthash.y5GCZG4a.dpbs

    2. It was Winston County, Alabama.

  2. […] three of the last nine finalists on American Idol this year, Dexter Roberts, Jessica Meuse, and C. J. Harris, all live within 150 miles of each other in Alabama. That is unbelievable! I wonder what the […]

  3. Thank you for this historical information! My Dad was from this area and I enjoyed reading the article. My Grandfather was sheriff of both Walker and Winston counties during his career in the early 1900’s. Again, thank you for this interesting piece of history…

  4. George Lindsey was a moron and a reminder of everything that was wrong with the rural south. Being stupid was never admirable nor should it be looked upon favorably by us in the South. Unfortinately, he was as stupid as his character.

    1. He was stupid enough to make a good career of his character in Hollywood. At least he didn’t sit on welfare and make nothing of himself. Perspective.

    2. But we sure don’t want to emulate his character either!

    3. He did a lot of good and raised money for handicapped children and Special Olympics in Alabama for many years with his charity golf tournaments. I don’t call that a moron.

  5. I didn’t see Kate Jackson’s name there. (Charlie’s Angels)

    1. I thought she was from B’ham.

    2. Maybe so… I read Jasper somewhere. I guess that’s a suburb of B’ham 😉 Polly Dean Holliday (1937 – ) An American actress. She has successfully appeared on stage, television and in film. She is best remembered for her portrayal of sassy waitress “Flo” on the 1970s sitcom Alice. Born in Jasper, AL

  6. Is Walker County still dry from Liquor? Those police on the border were hell

  7. This will be one of my road trips! Can’t wait!