1. I believe that my McPherson family were among the early settlers of this area

    1. I believe we could be kin, as my grandfather was a McPherson and his mother was a Johnson and lived their lives in Alabama.

  2. My ggg grandfather was there in 1837 – it is where he married. David McMahon was born in SC (as were his parents). He was 23 years old at the time. I am not sure when they arrived in Alabama – but know they moved on into Mississippi around 1841.

    1. Very similar to numerous lines in my family, too

  3. They may have met my 4G Grandparents that made it to Samantha in 1824.

  4. Enjoyable read and . Thanks for sharing.

  5. I enjoyed reading this – good info and a great view in to how it was.

  6. Old Uncle Joe Cleveland was probably Joseph Cleveland who married Martha “Patsy” Meeks and who had settled in Tuscaloosa Co., AL in the early 1820s. His daughter Lucinda married Meredith Taylor Crossland.

    1. Meredith Taylor was my great grandma’s grandpa. Her was Emily Crossland.

      1. her mom wad Emily Crossland

  7. I used to live in downtown northport so this was especially neat to read. I loved living there.

  8. My wife help build this!

  9. Very interesting story. My relatives came from South Carolina about 1837 to live in Pickens county.

  10. Terri Hawkins Darby, there is an old Indian burial ground along choccolocco creek out here. Me and some friends went to it when we were teenagers. It’s really cool.!!

    1. Where on Choccolocco?

  11. That would be.awesome to go see!!

  12. Very interesting history.

  13. Feeling so sorry for the mother in this history!

  14. Couldn’t read it…ads blocked out part if the story.