1. Mine followed the land – sharecroppers

  2. Interesting story..I am always intrigued to know more about my ancestory

  3. This can also be said about North Alabama. Especially Cullman Co.! You can have a family in 3 different census records, in 3 different counties, but the family never moved. The Southern line of Cullman was not settled until well into the 1900s. As the leaders of City of Cullman did not want the town of Hanceville within the county line. It would be moved in and then get moved back into Blount County. It was only after the Governor step in and set the line as it is now.

  4. Mine came to Jackson Co. to purchase land when the native americans were moved. William Anderson Rash owned several thousand acres and was a successful planter. (The Stevenson Story) The family owns not one square inch of it today.

  5. This happened to my ancestors in Germany, too! Country lines changed. Sometimes they were French, sometimes German.

  6. I had a business for decades in the same exact location. They kept changing the name of the street. My address number remained the same. Once we tried to get a small business loan, but were turned down because we kept moving from place to place. Lol

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