1. […] Martin and John Donelson, acting as agents of William Blount and Richard Caswell bought the Great Bend area of the Tennessee River from the Cherokee […]

  2. Yes, I did. Lots of torys ended up in the frontier areas after the revolution…

  3. This is not the same William Blount of Blount County, Alabama. Who does your research, Miss Piggy? This is the disgraced senator from Tennessee whose half-brother Willie Blount lived in Alabama.

    1. Where in the article does it say that William Blount lived in Blount County? This was a very early period before Alabama was a state and there were no counties. I linked the name of William Blount to the article on him from Wikipedia which included him as part of a company in 1783 that attempted to settle Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Perhaps this link will provide more information about his connection to Muscle Shoals, Alabama. http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Journals/MVHR/13/3/The_Muscle_Shoals_Speculation*.html

  4. Joan Gaither Lee, thought you might like this.

  5. Why do historians continue to perpetrate the fraud as determined by the Supreme Court of the USA.

    The maps moved – a lot.

    Why are the Colonials like Washington Franklin Hamilton Burr and all the others in Alabama?

  6. Yep.. Knew it… All politics is local.

  7. I hav read all this before and i saw the map .I know they mover the lines when it was Indian Territory ,but what can be done about it

  8. This is so fascinating- I appreciate your research. Would you know how I can get more information on Joseph Martin and James Jackson?

  9. We are working on it right now – they did this over 150 plus years and re-wrote the books to cover it up but you can find references to what I’m finding everywhere. Take Tennessee and Huntsville Alabama – Memphis used to be close to St Stephens and in a 1929 book it said that was where Andrew Jackson was when he was notified of the Creek Ft. Mims Massacre.

  10. The old Huntsville land office was there too – then things moved again.

  11. The whole state of Alabama was not sure what state it was in and when

  12. […] Source: Did you know that some early settlers & speculators of Alabama land conspired with the British? … […]

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