1. Very interesting history. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this story! It brings back a good memory of when i went to this spring with my Pa Dunn (Grady Dunn)

  3. Wow! This is so interesting. Love the history of Windham Springs and Tuscoloosa, Alabama. I love Alabama!

  4. I grew up in Windham Springs. Windham Springs was my family land. Even though it no longer belongs to any of the Fields’ it’ll still be a part of my heritage. It’s ingrained in my heart and memories!!! My grandparents was Frank and Claribel Fields–they ran the store up there for many years.

  5. My home was where Windham Springs school had been. My yard had a lot of large rocks where the Indians had ground corn and through the years I had found over a hundred arrow heads on the land. My family just recently sold the land. Broke my heart.

  6. Both my parents families lived up on Crabbe Road. In the late 1920’s, my parents were teenagers and they and their friends would load up and go to Windham Springs for picnics. I have several pictures that were made of them there and they looked like they were having fun. Then the October 1929 stock market disaster happened and pretty much ended the excursions for a few years.

  7. My grandfather, Reuben Dodson Naramore lived in Windham Springs prior to moving to Cordova, AL
    He married Sarah Adeline Dunn in 1882. Sarah is William Winton Dunn & Phoebe Ann Fulton’s daughter.
    Reuben reportedly moved his family to Cordova because the “Dunn brothers” shot the horns from his cows, so to keep the peace, he moved. My father, James E. Naramore, was born in Cordova in 1903.
    Later Reuben moved to Jasper where dad was schooled & I was born.
    So glad to find this site & able to see where my Grandfather once lived.
    Is there any history available linking to Reuben to Windham Springs?

  8. Bob Kyle was my grandfather

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