1. Wow! My daddy took us to church at Siloam Baptist Church when we were very small! We also have a lot of family buried at the ceremony there! Paula Goodwin Turner Phillip Goodwin Amy Goodwin Joshua Berryhill Terrance Berryhill

  2. I went to Judson from 2000-2003

  3. Claire Kinnaird Keel

  4. Janis Sparkman, this is for you.

  5. Really enjoyed it there!!

    1. Hello, Janis!
      Why is your name written on the outside, on the top, of the covering in the dome if Jewett Hall?!!!

  6. As a Judson grad, I had read similar articles in the past. Too funny! I love the long standing legacy of the school.

  7. Think you for sharing, Kenn! I enjoyed the article immensely!

  8. Leigh Waters Brown, Julie Turner Smith, Erin Elizabeth Brown

  9. Terri Wilbanks Rice

    1. So interesting! I remember going there with Claire’s mom and having a wonderful time.

  10. My 7th generation grandfather, Rev Charles Crow founded Siloam Baptist Church. So I guess you could say he was also indirectly responsible for the founding of Judson College too. He also established Ocmulgee Baptist Church, Concord Baptist Church and is the founder of the Alabama Baptist Convention. Good info on Judson.

  11. My Mom grew up just outside of Hamburg, Alabama, and she and several other of my relatives graduated from Judson and attended Siloam Baptist Church. My Mom’s family has a reunion every three years; we usually stay at Kirtley Hall at Judson. Very interesting information, thanks for sharing.

    1. Seven generations of our family have attended at this point, Fred.

    2. Thanks for this ampification, Fred. It’s wonderful that our ties to Judson are so strong.

  12. Mother Judson, we will aye be true to thee!

  13. Interesting share!

  14. My Grandmother attended Judson in nineteen seventeen, the rules were pretty strict!! We all laughed at the funny old stories!! I still have her old school books! Love Sherry

  15. I am 1992 graduate

  16. This was a tough place !

  17. Wow, college life has changed a little, not necessarily for good

  18. Friend sent to us. I was a 1968 graduate from Judson and my husband a Marion institute graduate. During my years there things were a little different, but many traditions were still in place. Enjoyed this article! I actually have a year book from 1900’s I tried in vain to contact and return to the library with no reply from them.

  19. I’m a Judson girl!

  20. My grandmother worked as a seamstress at Judson in the 1930’s and 40’s doing work as necessary for the girls. She made new drapes for the 100th anniversary banquet and mom served at the banquet (being a local high school girl.).

  21. Joy Bazemore Quinn

  22. Ms Jane, did you go to Judson? My mom did too 🙂

    1. I did not, but I had several friends who did. The tag is for my sister in law. You mother may know her. That would be neat!

  23. I am a 1975 graduate of Judson and enjoyed this article. Judson College has a rich heritage and I am proud to be an alumna.

  24. Jennifer thought you might like this.

    1. I do! Thanks for sharing!

  25. My cousin went to Judson College

  26. I had no idea it was that old

  27. I’m a Judson girl ❤

  28. I graduated in 1976. My father Col. Glenn Brooks was Professor of Military Science at MMI 1973-1976. We enjoyed our time there!

  29. Thanks for interesting photos and information re Judson College. My mother, Vivian Dunn Boyett, graduated from Judson in 1925 (I believe that is correct year) and my aunt, Jean Dujnn, in 1927. I attended in 1955 before transferring to University of Alabama where I graduated in 1958. I married Jerry Warren from Marion and we have been married 61 years. Love reading the comments. So glad I attended for a while. Many original rules were still in place in varying degrees in 1955!

  30. I am a proud Judson Girl.

  31. Thank you for this interesting share.

  32. Judson is a wonderful college