Alabama Bible Records: Dunn family of Autauga

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From Family Bible of Thomas and Nancy Dunn of Autauga County, Alabama


(looks like): stereotyped by B. and J. Collins, New York

New York: Printed and sold by Collins & Co 1816

(Entries in double columns. Handwriting changes from the original after 1820. Transcribed down the left side of the page, then down the right side of the page)


  • Thomas Dunn was born November the 20th, 1778
  • Nancy Dunn wife of Thomas Dunn was born January 4th, 1775
  • Solomon Ward Dunn was born on Monday October 13th 1800
  • Benjamin Arnal (Bible spelling) Dunn was born on Sunday May the 2nd 1802
  • Josiah Green Dunn was born on Wednesday December 28th 1804
  • David Long Dunn was born on Sunday 10 of August 1806
  • John Marlin Dunn was born on Thursday 30 of October 1807
  • Thomas Madison Dunn was born on Tuesday the 15th of October 1809
  • Samuel Seymour Dunn was born on Monday the 17th of February 1812
  • Daniel Hiram Dunn was born on Thursday the 4th of February 1814
  • Martha Louisa Dunn was born on Tuesday the 5th of December 1815
  • Mary Matilda Dunn was born on Sunday the 10th of August 1818
  • Priscilla Malinda was born on Thursday the 10th of August 1820
  • (repeated in different handwriting):
  • Prissy Malinda Dunn was born on Thursday the (strikethrough) of August 1920
  • (underwritten) 10th August.
  • (different handwritings from this point on)
  • Franklin Lafayette was born on Wednesday the 5th of March 1834
  • Mary Ann Caldwell was borned[sic] on Monday the 12 of January 1837
  • Sarah Clemantine (bible spelling) Dunn was born on the 24th of April 1842
  • (next entry a repeat from above):
  • Mary Ann Caldwell was born on the 12th of January 1837
  • Benjamin H. Dunn was born August 19 1842


  • Thomas Dunn and Nancy Ward was married December 24 1799
  • John M. Dunn and Phillotha Harrod was married December 20th 1828
  • D. H. Dunn & Amelia C. Young was married 4th March 1840. d. 25 April 1898
  • (out of place – should be under deaths, but is instead on marriages page):
  • Lucy Allen died 21 of August (no year)
  • Solomon Dunn and Miney Burton was married December the 15th 1820
  • Benjamin A. Dunn and Martha Howard was married May the 2nd 1824
  • Josiah G. Dunn and Nicy Andrews was married on the 13th of October 1825
  • Samuel Caldwell and Martha L. Dunn was married March the 7 1833


  • Mary M. Dunn Kirk departed this life the 22nd of August 1842
  • Martha L. Caldwell died the 9th day of July A.D. 1844
  • Solomon W. Dunn died the day of January 20 A.D. 184(5?)(9?)
  • Nancy Dunn wife of Thomas Dunn died March 20th 1857
  • Thomas Dunn died June 11th 1858
  • David Long Dunn died September 17th 1806
  • Thomas Madison Dunn died December 22nd 1812
  • Josiah G. Dunn died October 22nd 1853
  • Benjamin Arnal Dunn died October the 31st 1870 age 68 years 5 mo 19 days
  • S. S. Dunn died Jan 7, 1893 age 90 yrs 10 mo 14 da
  • Daniel Hiram Dunn died Nov 26th 1895
  • (repeat): Daniel Hiram Dunn died Nov 26, 1895

Additional Comments:

  • Births: (Notes)
  • Thomas Dunn was born in GA
  • Nancy Ward was born in MD
  • All their children were born in GA with exception of Priscilla Malinda, who was born in AL
  • Their grandchildren were born in AL and MS
  • Franklin Lafayette, son of John Marlin Dunn and Phillotha Harrod, later went by ‘William Franklin Dunn.
  • Mary Ann Caldwell was daughter of Martha Louisa Dunn and Samuel Caldwell.
  • Benjamin H. Dunn was son of Benjamin Arnal Dunn and Martha Howard.
  • Marriages: (notes)
  • Out-of-place entry for Lucy Allen daughter of M. Narcissa Dunn and M. C. Allen
  • Deaths: (notes)
  • Thomas Madison Dunn died a little over three years old. His brother John Marlin Dunn, who was five then, would later name one of his sons Thomas Madison Dunn. The child ahead of John Marlin had also died young, at one month, but John Marlin didn’t know him.

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