1. I paid the $1 for Patreon but when I tried to “unlock with Patreon” I got a message that said “Sorry. Login aborted due to an API error. Please check API credentials.” I don’t know what to do. I wasn’t sent any login password. I don’t see a login page.

    1. Thank you for your question Sherry. I’m sorry for the confusion. We are still working out the bugs.
      The $1 level is just for people who want to donate to support Alabama Pioneers with no rewards. However, you do receive the FREE eBOOK WHERE DO I START? Hints and Tips for Beginning Genealogists with On-line resources when we have 100 members though and if you are a member when we reach the 250 member mark you will also receive the 2nd ebook ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Exploration: A Collection of Lost & Forgotten Stories

      Rewards start at the $2 level where the stories are unlocked: $2 level rewards include:
      Receive via email the Exclusive bimonthly Alabama Pioneers in-depth newsletter that features historical stories, recipes, Patron queries and genealogical newspaper abstracts and unlocks Patron-only articles on the site
      PLUS – You will receive access to the Patron-only activity feed, with query posts, articles and information where you can ask questions of other Alabama Pioneers Patrons.

      We are making corrections in the description to avoid further confusion and we are emailing this file directly to you since you thought it would be unlocked. You should receive it in a few minutes. I’m sorry, we are still working out the bugs.

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