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RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Old recipe for baked beans takes time to make

Today, we just grab a can and make them but have you ever thought about what our ancestors had to do to make baked beans? Here is an old recipe and I bet it tastes a lot better than the canned version today.



 Take two quarts of white beans, pick them over the night before, put to soak in cold water; in the morning put them in fresh water and let them scald, then turn off the water and put on more, hot; put to cook with them a piece of salt pork, gashed, as much as would make five or six slices; boil slowly till soft(not mashed), then add a tablespoonful of molasses, half a teaspoonful of soda, stir in well, put in deep pan, and bake one hour and a half.baked beans old pot

If you do not like to use pork, salt the beans when boiling, and add a lump of butter when preparing them for the oven.

Did you notice there was no temperature for baking? I imagine there was quite a bit of guess work in the 1880’s to get the temperature correct. Most directions said hot or medium fire. I bet the pork and beans tasted a good deal better than the canned ones today.


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  1. Janice Garrison Shepherd

    I still make them from scratch! Delicious!

  2. Craig Jennings

    sounds yummy don’t forget onions and peppers

  3. Yes, we are having delicious baked beans. I also make mine from scratch, using bell pepper, onion, small peice of fatback and brown sugar. I do pick and let my beans sit in water over night.

  4. June Persons

    I am very thankful for the good old canned can I can just add a few touches to.

  5. Jean Cox

    Were they cooking with soda in the 1880s? What’s the date on this recipe, please?

    1. Aaron Hanlin

      They’re talking about baking soda I believe, which has been around a long time

    2. Jean Cox

      Aaron Hanlin, ah…. I guess that’s my “duh” moment for the day. Thanks.

  6. Alan Raymond Yates

    I have made them for decades. I start with dried beans and then follow a recipe of my own. The family loves them.

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