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Did you know that boxer, Joe Louis was born near LaFayette, Alabama?

Joe Louis, “The Brown Bomber,” was born near LaFayette, Alabama on May 13, 1914. His real name is Joe Louis Barrow.Joe_Louis_Statue_LaFayette_Alabama

Held world heavyweight boxing title

In 1926 the family moved to Detroit and Louis began boxing. Joe Louis held the world heavyweight boxing title from 1937 to 1948 and made a division record 25 successful title defenses.

His matches in 1936 and 1938 against Max Schmeling of Germany were seen by many as heroic fights between the democratic free world and the Nazi forces. Louis died in 1981.

LaFayette, Alabama, the county seat of Chambers County, is located in the central portion of the state; 13 miles from the Georgia state line. The area is well known for its outstanding recreational and cultural opportunities which include hunting, fishing, golf, major college sports, professional sports, and of course the nationally acclaimed Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Talladega International Motor Speedway and world-renowned Callaway Gardens.

Muhammad Ali in Perspective by Thomas Hauser (1996-10-03)

Town changed name

The town was first called Chambersville, but by the time of incorporation on January 7, 1835, the town name had been changed to Lafayette, named after Marquis de Lafayette; its spelling was changed to “LaFayette” due to the influence of newspaper editor Johnson J. Hooper, who created a fictional character called Captain Simon Suggs, a backwoods southerner who pronounced the town’s name as “La Fait.

There are many videos on Joe Louis – Here are a couple of shore interesting ones.
Muhammad Ali & Joe Louis Foolin Each Other on a TV Show (1966)

HD Joe Louis Knockouts

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  1. Clay Mcalpin

    There is a statue of him out in front of the county courthouse in Lafayette.

  2. Bill Harris

    My granddad Newell had a country store near Camp Hill Al . Every time my grandmother heard about Joe Louis she would fuss about the money his family owed on credit. He should have paid it off she would say. She didn’t know that he was broke and owed millions in taxes.

  3. Agnes Golden Tatum

    We need to make sure the house is saved.

  4. Anne Jester Turner

    Interesting, but I was told that he grew up near Camp Hill, AL, or as my father said, ” over on the other side of those woods.”

  5. Jane Jester Townsend

    I agree. Maybe he wasn’t born there. Aunt Julia always said the same. I think his house was punted out to us either by daddy or Aunt Julia.

  6. Larry Waldrup

    Wasn’t Evander Holyfield also born in Alabama?

  7. Walt Evans

    Used to hear his fights on the radio –he was a very humble soul

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