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Looking for a simple old-fashioned recipe for a cold day? How about a bowl of corn soup?

Recipe From the Past – 1890s

This is the way corn soup was made in the 1890s. There are not many specific directions given in the recipe, such as temperature to cook it, what grains to use, etc.  in this old recipe.


corn crop

Cut the corn from the cob, and boil the cobs in water for at least an hour, then add the grains, and boil until they are thoroughly done; put one dozen ears of corn to a gallon of water, which will be reduced to three quarts by the time the soup is done; then pour on a pint of new milk, two well-beaten eggs, salt and pepper to your taste; continue the boiling a while longer, and stir in, to season and thicken it a little, a tablespoonful of good butter rubbed up with two tablespoonfuls of flour. Corn soup may also be made nicely with water in which a pair of grown fowls have been boiled or parboiled, instead of having plain water for the foundation.

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  1. Joyce N Billy Lambert

    I can remember my grandma making “corn meal broth/soup” when I had the measles.

  2. Corn Soup.
    When you said boil the cobs, do mean a dozen cobs?
    And do they turn to mush after boiling for an hour, or do you remove them after?
    What is new milk?
    What is ‘good butter rubbed up’ ?
    What kind of flour, Self rising or plain?

    1. This recipe has been transcribed from an 1880s book so your guess is as good as mine. This was the way they once wrote recipes.

  3. It says put 12 cobs in one gallon of water. The grains are the grains (kernels) that you cut from the cobs. The flour and butter are rubbed together to keep the flour from lumping. New milk is fresh milk. With out refrigeration, milk soured quickly. Kind of flour is plain. During that time most raised their own wheat and milled their own flour. Yes I am old!

  4. Self rising flour was first patterned in 1845 but was not sold in rural areas until much later.

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