RECIPE WEDNESDAY: 1856 Recipe to cure a cold, cough, or croup

1856 Recipe to cure cold, cough or croup

(From The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 22, No. 01 & 02, Spring and Summer 1960)

Receipt To prepare a tincture for Colds and Coughs Croup & c

Take 1 pint of good vinegar 1 teaspoon full of lobelia Seed l/2 tea Spoonful of Cayenne pepper put in a bottle and Mix by Shakeing (sic) occationally (sic) let it Stand four or five days.

For use, Mix equal parts of the above tincture and honey in a vial, shakeing (sic) always before use,—Dose 1/2 to 1 teaspoon full according to Size give occationaly. (sic)

This receipt given by Joe Cunninghan

Representative of Macon County Ala 1856

Receipt for Flux Cordial

Take a large Single handfull of the inside of red oak bark” Ditto of the inside bark of the black Haw Root ” Ditto of Dewberry Brier Root Boil them together in a gallon of water, down to half a gallon; then Strain through a Coarse Muslin Cloth; then put it into a pot, and add to it one ounce of powdered Ginger, one ounce of powdered Nutmeg, one ounce of powdered Cinnamon bark, and boil it down to a quart then add to it one quart of French Brandy and two pounds of loaf Sugar. Keep it Covered close while boiling, and let it boil about fifteen Minutes; then Strain into bottles, and Set it away in a Cool place,

Directions For a dose if the Case is bad, take a large table Spoonful every three hours untill the disease is Checked, and if not a bad case, a table Spoon full three times a day, Morning Noon & night.

Tattletale Parrot by Ellorine Cottingham Morgan – Bama Cotter, artist, owns an art and craft shop in a small town in Alabama. She inherits a dead woman’s nosy parrot, who quotes Shakespeare, and they reveal the identity of an unlikely murderer to Indian police chief, Boone Lightfoot



    1. A healthy dose of laudanum…

  1. Kera Smith have you tried this one yet.

    1. Tony Smith no I’ve made a cough “med” with honey, lemon, and coconut oil

  2. Hot Toddy is what it’s called – a little whiskey, honey, crushed peppermint candy, lemon juice and warm water – mix all well, drink and rest!

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