Patron – Here are the present-day 67 counties of Alabama & the date of formation

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  1. Elaine Counts

    I really enjoy Alabama Pioneers. Thanks

  2. Mark Thomas

    What of Decatur county ?

  3. Betty Jo Harmon

    Being a northerner whose father was from Alabama, I find Alabama Pioneers very informative. My ancestors also helped build some of the early counties and churches. I grew up learning all about the state I lived in. Now I’m learning all I can about the state my ancestors lived in.

  4. Steve Nicholson

    My Nicholson folks were 1st noted in 1818 in Lawrence Co. My 3rd Great Uncle William’s marriage to Cynthia Hargrove was recorded in Huntsville in the same year. Still there today.

  5. Frances Withrow

    Enjoyed seeing this especially the one about washing clothes. Brings back a lot of good memories especially of my mother and grandmother.

  6. Valerie Jenkins Mcmorris

    Luv this. Im from La and am living in Clarke Co. So much to learn about it . Especially Walker Springs and surrounding area

  7. Carlo Tinon

    Great but funny too, order of formation presented in alphabetical order.

  8. Calvin Rose

    My family goes back to 1810 in Clarke Co.

  9. Carlo Tinon

    A.P., keep up the great work.

  10. Cyndia Montgomery

    According to the state of Alabama archives, Winston County didn’t actually become WINSTON until 1858. Before that it was Hancock County.

    “Winston County, Alabama, was created as Hancock County on 1850 Feb. 12 from territory formerly in Walker County. It was named for Gov. John Hancock of Massachusetts. On January 22, 1858, the name was changed to honor Alabama Gov. John A. Winston.”

    1. Alabama Pioneers

      True, that is the case with many of the counties. County lines moved frequently over the years and there were quite a few counties that only existed a few years. This is a brief list of the current counties and when the area was first established as a county. For a more comprehensive list about each county’s history, the Alabama State Archives should be consulted.

  11. Jane Morris Worley

    County Seat for Russell Co is Seale. Trying to interpret someone’s handwriting that may have looked like “Scale”

  12. Did y’all forget about Elk County?

    1. This list included only the today’s 67 current counties. Many other counties existed only a short while or were part of the 67 counties. They were not included on this list but I hope to write about them individually in the future. Thanks for the comment.

    2. It is not a current county today. This is only the current county list.

  13. Wayne Morrison

    Stan AndStacey Clopton

  14. This information posted here is priceless. Tell me more and how do I sign up, please.

  15. Interesting article – the date for Baldwin county in the list (1908) is a typo that went unnoticed. It is correctly printed (1808) at the beginning of the article. I have just discovered your writings and love reading the history I missed learning as a child in grammar school. Your research and knowledge is amazing.

    1. Thanks for catching that. Donna

  16. So how many do y’all count are in direct violation with the Treaty of Florida in 1821 and the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek with the Choctaw Nation of Indians.

    These are violations of the Non-Intercourse Act 25 U.S.C. 177 of 1834.

    It’s a hard thing to face eviction by EJECTMENT.

  17. Thank you so much; how interesting! Does anyone know the reason behind the relatively large amount of county creation in the 1866-1868 time period (I counted 13). Was this part of some devious plan somehow by the reconstruction government?

    Thanks so much!

  18. Bill Keller

    Would be more interesting if the county seats listed were the original county seats.

  19. Steve Romine

    10 – Cherokee County – County Seat is Centre, Alabama.

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