1. That doesn’t sound like a romantic love story at all. That poor girl.

    1. That’s what I was thinking.

    2. No kidding. I look for the age of him and his wife but could not find it. It just said she was 27 years younger than he was. Or what the Ages were when they were married

  2. By marriageable age they probably meant about 16 maybe younger. How awful to hook a child to a 55 year old one armed man! People sure did some questionable stuff back in the day!

    1. They go to jail for that kind of romance now! There is a reason they omitted the age

  3. This isn’t romantic, it’s creepy.

    1. Totally creepy. Whoever thinks its romantic and ok has some major issues. “Waited til the baby grew up” wth does that even mean?

  4. Sounds like he viewed women/girls/baby girls as objects. Although in all likelihood, he and she probably just fell into it.

  5. It just shows you where we’ve come from and it just shows you where we’re going

  6. Different times, weren’t they? I would’ve wanted to beat the crap out of my parents in her shoes. You know the girls practically had to have permission to breathe in those days.

    1. All women were Slaves. Just as they are now !!! Especially in the South.

  7. A lot of Confederate soldiers never returned from the war. Women and children were destitute. There was no respectable way for them to live, especially since they had been taught that their place was in the home, not in industry. While I can’t imagine this for my child, I can visualize the desperation that prompted it.

  8. The poor girl was “groomed” shameful of all the adults

  9. Disturbing. Treating the poor girl like property.

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