PATRON + A wonderful description from 1859 of the first building on Auburn University’s campus

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  1. Awesome Pictures Thanks

  2. I was reading some of the 1900 Auburn newspapers a while back. Around that time the populations of Auburn were about equal to Camp Hill and Dadeville, all of them much larger than Alexander City, which was just a bump in the road before the mill was built.

  3. I sent you quite an email earlier today about the Reeses in Auburn. Both my Mother, Father, and Grandfather are buried in Pind Hill Cemetery in a plot that I think was owned by Mary Reese the author. I have her book and was delighted to read about the history of the Reese Family there… And I believe that there is a Reese Street just south of the old KA house and that bricks used for the original Presbyterian chapel were fired on the Reese Plantation.

    how many wonderful memories I have of having been the daughter of an Auburn
    Graduated, and an Auburn Graduate myself, and a place I called the family Home of my widowed Grandmother.

    If you ever decide to do research on Lowndesboro please let me hear. both my Grandmothers were born in Lowndesboro and I currently live in here.

  4. Auburn Football is just around the corner..YEH

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