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PATRON + RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Ten baking tips from the past in time for summer fruits. . .

Ten Baking Tips from an old cookbookpie

  1.  To see whether old yeast is still good, put it in warm water with a teaspoon of sugar and stir. If it begins to foam in 10 minutes, you can use it with your flour right away.
  2. For even consistency, when making pie crust. Add water with clothes sprinkler.
  3. Add a little salt to jello salads and desserts. It improves the flavor. Add a little sugar to vegetables while cooking. It improves the flavor. Add a banana to rhubarb pie, the flavor will resemble pineapple.
  4. Put cream or milk on top of two-crust pies for a nice brown pie.
  5. Store cake in vegetable or fruit drawer of refrigerator and it will stay fresh.
  6. When bread is baking, a small dish of water in the oven will help to keep the crust from getting hard.
  7. An apple cut in half and placed in the cake box will keep the cake fresh several days longer.
  8. When icing a cake, the icing will not run off if a little flour is dusted on the surface of the cake.
  9. To keep crisp cookies crisp, and soft cookies soft, place only one kind in a cookie jar.
  10. If you want to make a pecan pie, and haven’t any nuts, substitute crushed cornflakes. They will rise to the top the same as nuts and give a delicious flavor and crunchy surface.


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