1. Judge William S. Mudd’s wife, Florence Earle, was daughter of Dr. Samuel S. Earle who came with his wife from South Carolina to Elyton about 1823-24 – very prominent family in Elyton, and later in Birmingham.

  2. What a magnificient piece of history this home is. I hope it is always preserved for future
    history buffs to enjoy.

  3. I was married & had our reception here. So lovely.

  4. Beautiful place. I haven’t been there in almost 30 years when I used the venue for a work related event. Would so love to see it again.

  5. We go to Arlington every year for the Christmas open house.

  6. Lived in Bham for the first 35 years of my life and only visited this place twice: as a youngster with out-of-town visiting relatives and as a wedding guest when my 6th grade teacher married there. I think it’s time for another visit!!

  7. When I was in high school in the late-60’s I volunteered as a costumed docent at Arlington. My mother made me a summer and winter dress and I worked as much as Mrs. Lackmond would allow. It’s the best job I ever had!

  8. I know I’m never going to be able to get there to see this beautiful presentation but you know one thing I could have read it but you kept putting this confounded thing up about the email stuff you know can you let people just enjoy reading about the beautiful place thank you for sharing that one picture with me have a blessed day

  9. Beautiful, toured many years ago!!!

  10. I recognized it immediately. My grandparents used to live on Cotton Ave. in B’ham, where this is located. We’d walk to the Elyton Baptist Church on Sundays and we’d walk right past it.

  11. Went there many times as a child. I still remember the smell of the boxwoods bear the steps

  12. I remember the place where they cut away the floor so you could see the original wood.

  13. I remember visiting in 1962 on a 7th grade field trip. Have pictures taken with friends on the lawn.

  14. I was in a wedding there beautiful

  15. Visited during Christmas, magical!

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