Patron+ Auburn opened doors to girls and challenged University of Alabama to do the same

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  1. Skip Rockett

    The year was eighteen ninety two

  2. Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn. I never heard it called Alabama A&M.

    Alabama A&M is in Huntsville.

    1. I haven’t either, but this was the way it was written in the news article. It was probably a mistake by the news paper.

  3. Kenny Martin

    Ian Velasquez your school has always been first!!! War Eagle my friend

  4. Cayce Rumsey

    You are wrong about name . A&M College at Auburn later became Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API) before before officially becoming Auburn University in 1960.
    Congratulate Auburn for leading the way for ladies to attend college in Alabama.

    1. Charles Turnipseed

      Not all-inclusive, but not wrong.

    2. Cayce Rumsey

      Charles Turnipseed, “wrong ” was incorrect description. I stand corrected.

      1. Hang in there Cayce.

  5. Beverly Shepherd Morris

    Alabama Polytechnic Institute

  6. I am proud that my mother was a freshman in 1924 and continued our family Auburn tradition. My grandmother preceded her as a student and later taught in Auburn city school.

  7. Auburn University was first “East Alabama Male College”, a Methodist Institution. It then became the “Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama” at Auburn > Then later “Alabama Polytechnic Institute” and finally “Auburn University”. There is a corner stone showing the name A and M. on Samford Hall.

  8. Faye Jones

    1892 I think was the year!!

  9. Brenda Dee

    WAR EAGLE for all the women who benefited from Auburn’s forward thinking.

  10. Caroline Hester

    1892 was a good year for Auburn – admitted women and football! For those disagreeing about the name, it didn’t become API until 1899, so when women were admitted it was still Agriculture and Mechanical College of Alabama.

    1. Janet McCoy

      Veterinary programs were also started in 1892!

    1. Tanya Benefield

      Enjoy yr day 🙂 yr welcome

  11. Interestingly the name Agricultural and Mechanical College appears in a earlier Pioneer article about Auburn University nearly being at Greensboro.

  12. The University of Alabama admitted its first women students in the fall of 1893. Julia Tutwiler, the founder and president of Livingston, then a small teachers college for women, had been lobbying the board of trustees for years on the issue. In 1892 the board was presented with a petition by Tutwiler and at last agreed to allow women as “special students.” In 1895 the university awarded its first degree to a woman. It seems both Auburn and Alabama were on a similar trajectory toward coeducation — slow, grudging, and complicated by ridiculous ideas. A pattern that would be repeated with racial integration.

  13. When the school was transferred from the Methodist to the State as a land grant college it was named the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama and remained that until 1899 when it became API.

  14. Carl Hopson

    What Flag is that I see?

  15. Laurie Harris Norman

    My grandmother went to, what was then, Alabama Polytechnic in 1918, when she was 16. She did not finish because they recruited her to be a teacher and sent her to a one room school house near Goodwater.

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