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SATURDAY SECRETS – Grandmother’s Family Spring Ritters – they could cure anything – here is her recipe

Our ancestors did not have access to medical treatment like we have today and came up with many home remedies. This is a very interesting one since it seems to cure everything…I wonder if the gin helped the most, but I don’t think I want to try it.



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Roots are important

“Mandrake root one ounce, dandelion root one ounce, burdock root one ounce, yellow duck root one ounce, prickly ash berries two ounces, marsh mallow one ounce, turkey rhubarb half an ounce, gentian one ounce, English camomile (sic) flowers one ounce, red clover tops two ounces.Mandrake-roots

Use earthen vessel

Wash the herbs and roots; put them into an earthen vessel, pour over two quarts of water that has been boiled and cooled; let it stand over night and soak; in the morning set it on the back of the stove, and steep it five hours; it must not boil, but be nearly ready to boil. Strain it through a cloth, and add half a pint of good gin. Keep it in a cool place. Half a wine-glass taken as a dose twice a day.

This is better than all the paten blood medicines that are in the market-a superior blood purifier, and will cure almost any malignant sore, by taking according to direction, and washing the sore with a strong tea of red raspberry leaves steeped, first washing the sore with castile soap, then drying with a soft cloth, and washing it with the strong tea of red raspberry leaves.”

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FreeHearts: 2nd edition A Novel of Colonial America (Tapestry of Love Series Book 3)



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  1. Some of these roots are toxic. Mandrake and daffodils for example. Dangerous mixture.

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