Author: Sherry S. Johnston

Genealogist/Historian Evergreen-Conecuh Co. Public Library - Canebrake Genealogical & Historical Society, Founder 2001 - - Email: [email protected]

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Days Gone By - stories from the pastGenealogy Information

AUTHOR SUNDAY – The old County of Butler has cemeteries of many early pioneers of Alabama

BUTLER COUNTY CEMETERIES WRITTEN IN STONE by Sherry S. Johnston   In researching the Sims line, I came across the Hilson name enumerated alongside…

Days Gone By - stories from the pastGenealogy Information

AUTHOR SUNDAY: Old Cemeteries are often hidden in the forests – You can help find them

CEMETERY DOCUMENTATION by SHERRY S. JOHNSTON Years ago, when I first started this journey of researching, documenting and writing about cemeteries, I started off…