1. Growing up in Fairhope, a lot of things bring back memories, but azaleas have to be in the top ten.

  2. Mary Katherine Zarzour Charlotte Smith Susan Courtney Laura Holmes Grace Copeland Annie Gonzales Alison Casteix Helen Garstecki

  3. I always looked forward to the azaleas when I lived there. So beautiful

  4. Awesome ! That’s my South ! And do notice that in the old South CSA nation both races got along just fine. There never was any race problems in the South in their history until the Lincoln Carpetbaggers infiltrated. And they were always called Negroes – their proper race name, not “Blacks”, which is an insult in reality since it is not attached to the race, but to the Communist movement that actively began in the 1860’s. Communist 48er’s began their infiltration’s in the late 1840’s..

    1. You are an ignorant fool. This isn’t the place for your racist revisionist drivel.

  5. What Great OLD footage…
    Wonderful history preserved!!

  6. Fifise Langlois from Toulouse, France introduced azaleas to Mobile in 1754. My mothers maiden name was Langlois but I did not know about this relative’s relationship to Mobile until I moved here from Australia in 1992. Proud of the family tie to Fifise Langlois.

  7. My Grandmother, Eunice Moore, had beautiful azalea bushes at her home in Maplesville. She loved her flowers and would give pieces of her plants to my Mama. Unfortunately, my “Mawmaw’s” beautiful azaleas, and hard work have been destroyed, but I will always remember the beautiful blooms that would show up every year thanks to her dedication and care.

  8. Like Kimberly Loyack, my Grandmother, Bertha Bryant, raised Azaleas in Rose Hill, Al, & gave a “cut” to anyone who asked. Her favorite trip was a yearly visit to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile. Her flower gardens were lost in a house fire years ago.

  9. Interesting video about Mobile!

  10. Pride of mobile getting hard too find

  11. If you have never been there, it’s worth the trip. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. I love that purple color azalea. Also of crepe myrtle. The other colors are nice, but nothing can beat that deep purple color.

  13. When I lived in Mobile, these were the most beautiful azalea’s bushes. When in bloom they were everywhere. When I hear Alabama that’s what I think about an also the people.

  14. I have sung the song, MOBILE, for years but I don’t know who recorded it. I’m originally from Fayette, Al, now living in North Carolina. When I ask people from Mobile if they know the song I’ve never got yes for an answer. It is such a beautiful song & tells of the southern bells swaying & how it became a heaven by the name of Mobile!

    1. I believe it was Julius LaRosa who recorded the song “Mobile.”

    1. Wow!! Carolyn Fowler check these out! 🙂

  15. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that purple color before!

  16. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture and these interesting facts.

  17. loved the old film and love my Mobile. Best time to visit Bellingrath Gardens when the azaleas are in bloom. miss those days. How about our Trail Maids!! Southern Belles, one and all!

  18. Having been born in Crenshaw County, Alabama, we traveled to Mobile several years to see the beautiful azaleas trail. Thanks for this article that brings back so many memories.
    My father attended a Veterinary College in Mobile in the 1920 or 30s. I heard that it burned and was never rebuilt. Do you have any knowledge of or facts on this college??

  19. Robert Adams, lawd look at the azaleas! Lol

  20. Mobile used to be called the Azalea city for good reason.

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